City Life Church
City Life Church is a church that exists to renew cities socially, spiritually, and culturally with the gospel of Jesus. We gather on Sundays in downtown Austin, TX at 10am in Ballet Austin (501 West 3rd St). For more information visit
Great Day of the Lord": Culture in the Light of the Lamb This sermon seeks to answer two questions: "What will we do in heaven?" and "What difference should it make in how we live now?" Culture is a central part of heaven, so how does that affect the way we live now?
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"Our God Above": An Ever-flowing Fountain This sermon is the first in a series that examines songs from Andy Melvin's album The Human Engine Waits. We consider one of the Old Testament texts that inspired Andy's song "Our God Above." We explore Jeremiah the prophet's message regarding "the fountain of living waters and broken cisterns that can hold no water" and its relevance for the church today.
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The Prodigal Sons (and a gracious father) This sermon reflections on the three characters of the so-called "Prodigal Son" story. As it turns out, there are, in fact, two prodigals and much that can be learned from their gracious father.
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Gospel Truth: Eckhart Tolle and the Dark Knight This sermon explores the perspectives on truth in the book A New Earth and in the film The Dark Knight. How does Eckhart Tolle perceive truth? How does Batman perceive truth? How does the gospel inform our understanding of these perspectives on truth?
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