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City Life Church is a church that exists to renew cities socially, spiritually, and culturally with the gospel of Jesus. We gather on Sundays in downtown Austin, TX at 10am in Ballet Austin (501 West 3rd St). For more information visit

Everybody is living for something. Our passion for education, family, entrepreneurship, fitness, and fun are all fueled by our ambition to attain the life we want. It is possible to be ambitious for the wrong things, and for all the wrong reasons. We see this in the first part of Philippians 3 when Paul says he considers all his achievements “as loss because of the surpassing value of knowing Christ.” But then a few verses later, Paul says he is “straining forward” and “pressing on toward the goal.” He is full of drive and focus. So what is the place of ambition in the life of a Christian? In these verses, Paul is tapping into the innate sense of purpose and longing in each of us. It’s not less ambition that we need, but more. The real issue is where it is aimed. Join us this Sunday to explore what Paul has to say about spiritual ambition as we continue our study of Philippians.

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We live in the fast-paced, high-performing city of Austin. Whether we're working in tech, involved with politics, engaged in ministry, or striving to raise (fast-paced, high-performing!) children, we're constantly striving to keep up and maintain an impressive list of achievements. Often times, we oscillate between seasons of success and seasons of failure, and our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives follow suit. How can the Apostle Paul, who at one time was a cultural elite in his day, make a statement that all of his life's greatest achievements were "counted as loss compared to knowing Christ?" Though we often give lip service to this type of idea, if we're honest, we seldom truly live this way. Instead, our hearts cling to our achievements, merits, and pedigree. Is it possible to truly "count all things as loss" compared to knowing God? If so, does it even make sense to live in that way in the city? Join us this Sunday to explore what Paul has to say as we continue our study of Philippians

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If you're like most people, you probably have this idea in your head for how your life is supposed to go. We all want to succeed in one way or another. But what happens when you realize that you can't live up to your own ideals? Join us on Sunday as we continue our study in Philippians where we will delve into this paradox of why we have such a hard time living up to standards given to us by God. We may even find an answer for our struggles as well.

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