City Life Church
City Life Church is a church that exists to renew cities socially, spiritually, and culturally with the gospel of Jesus. We gather on Sundays in downtown Austin, TX at 10am in Ballet Austin (501 West 3rd St). For more information visit

Where can true hope and joy be found? Many things promise hope and joy: possessions, relationships, experiences. But what happens when that’s still not enough? This weekend we are continuing our study through the book of Philippians by looking under the hood of the Apostle Paul, who, despite having everything taken from him, remained filled with hope, joy, and faith. So, what’s his secret? No matter whether you are in a season of thriving or you are running on empty, we invite you to join us this Sunday and find out.

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Who we are, determines what we do. In the midst of a culture vying for significance and identity, St. Paul gives us an indication of who we truly are in the opening lines of his letter to the Philippians. Join us on Sunday as we begin Philippians and consider how our most foundational identity leads to a different way of living in the world. 

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