City Life Church
City Life Church is a church that exists to renew cities socially, spiritually, and culturally with the gospel of Jesus. We gather on Sundays in downtown Austin, TX at 10am in Ballet Austin (501 West 3rd St). For more information visit
Advent: The Hope of the World Austin City Life begins a time of reflection on the Advent. Jonathan Dodson teaches over: Advent: The Hope of the World.
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Truly Human: Gospel-centered Parenting

Jonathan Dodson continues teaching through the sermon series "Truly Human." This week he covers Gospel-centered Parenting.

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Truly Human (Part 3): Restoring the Symmetry: Singleness & Marriage Jonathan Dodson continues through the series Truly Human. This week he teaches on: Restoring the Symmetry: Singleness & Marriage.
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Truly Human (Part 2): Biblical Femininity Truly Human: Biblical Femininity
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Truly Human (Part 1): Biblical Masculinity Jonathan Dodson teaches on biblical masculinity: Hypermasculine Conservative or Feminized Liberal?
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